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The Badass Guide to Breeding is the definitive playbook for any dog breeder who desires to make their program world class.  This guide is a step-by-step approach that will revolutionize your program and guide you to raise the type of puppies that will have clients and trainers flocking.  If you ever wished to have one of the most experienced trainer/breeders mentor you, leading you day-by-day as you breed and raise pups, this guide is your answer.



Setting the Standard for Breeding

Healing Hearts and Changing Lives Through the Power of a Dog. 


Badass Breeder Code of Ethics

Health & Temperament          Standards

Puppy curriculum

Raising puppies that carefully aligns to their sensitive developments ensures they can be the best they can be!
All puppies learn the world is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly! 
*Exposure, enrichment, confidence building , willingness to learn, curiosity , startle recovery practice, handing exercises, the belief in one's ability, empowering and not enabling.
*B.A.B Puppy Aptitude Testing

Certified Breeders go through extensive training, supply all health testing results and become part of a community that have the same mission and focus: honesty, transparency, integrity, ethical breeding practices and complete accessibility. 

~Online Training,  onsite seminar or bought "The Ultimate Badass Breeder's Guide"

~Agree to Badass Breeder Code of Ethics

~Supplies all health testing results for verification

~Professionalism in all aspects of breeding

~2 year Contract/Warranty on all puppies

~Unlimited Support

~Requires all pups returned to them (keeping them off craigslist and  out of shelters and rescues)

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