To Be Certified as a Badass Breeder:

1. You must agree to live and breed by our code of ethics (oath).

2. You must supply documentation of all required health testing (see below)

3. You must temperament test your breeding stock and supply results

4. You must attend the free breeder mentorship class online course, the puppy evaluation class, attend a weekend seminar or buy "The Ultimate Badass Breeder's Guide".  We are achieving excellence through the commitment to education.

It is imperative that you want to be a part  of a community. A community of breeders that believe in the power of a dog, truly strive to produce the best puppies possible and change breeding from bad to badass. It is time to stand together, raise the bar and truly make a difference in the world. Not only for our dogs but also those that choose to add one of our puppies into their heart and home. 

Health Testing Required

1. Hip clearance PennHip Or OFA (OFA options: passing preliminary as long as dog was 12 months old or older at the time of the x-ray OR official passing certification at 2 year)

2. OFA Heart clearance 

4. CEARF eye clearance 

5. OFA elbow clearance

6. OFA patella clearance (moyen and toy only)

7. Prcd-pra clearance 

8. vVd1 clearance 

9. GR-Pra-1 and 2 clearance 

10. ICH clearance 

11. DM clearance 

12. NEWS clearance 

(DNA health traits will vary based on breed)

Temperament Standards

Breeding stock will not display

1. Unprovoked Aggression

2. Panic without recovery

3. Strong Avoidance


Structure Standards

Functional Structure of the breed will be required for breeding stock




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