Looking For A Certified Badass Breeder?

It is hard to know who to trust in the breeding industry, but we have you covered. The below breeders meet the standards to be A certified Badass Breeder. They have proven health records, taken educational courses, have proven competency in completing puppy evaluations and raise their puppies on the Empowered Badass Breeder curriculum. 

This page is still under construction. Thank you for your patience as we update you with our Empowered Badass Breeders.

Daneesha Jonescu- Beautiful Doodles 4 U 

Rachel Garrett- Ruffle Butt Pups

Natalie Thurman- Apex Anatolians

Anahy Cazares- Cazares Royal Lineage Bulldogs LLC

Kristin Funston- So Fun Doodles & Poodles

Colleen White- A Place of Grace Puppies

Destiny Judd- Dessies Doodles

Emma Haskins- Foxboro Doodles

Lizzy Smith- Wonderful World Doodles

Lauren Ortiz- Mitten Doodles

Gissella Kotchote- Doodles of Windrunner

Liz Hoover- Yellow Dog Farm

Becky Flynn- Sukis Doodles
Rebecca Degner- Tiny Paws Goldendoodles
Jess Leiper & May Gallagher- 
Lori Marshall- Star Creek Kennel

Alyssa Yandow- Country Walk Doodles
Laurie Zaleqski- Laurie and Joes Labs
28. Stefanie Bonomo- Cherry Lane Doodles 29. Tabitha Erickson- Sac River Goldendoodles 30. Crissy Lopez- Montana Goldendoodles 31. Lindsey Buerger- Chestnut Hill Labradoodles 32. Doris Geith- DJs Doodles 33. Courntey Olecki- Sweet Magnolia Doodles 34. Eva Pullen- Paparazzi Poodles 35. Jennifer Nichols- Doodles of Cypress 38. Ara Hughey- Divine Pups 39. Tiffany Slocum- The Doodle Cove 40. Carrie Eichman- Twin Creek Puppies 41. Terry Guthrie- Happy Hippy Doodles 42. Jordan Mogen Sonoran Standard Poodles 43. Tracy Woods- Camp Doodle Woods 44. Lindy Yoder- Olympus Kennel 45. Elli Farmer- A & E Farms 46. Leticia Williams- Bay Area Aussies 47. Heather Kieswetter- Bluevale Meadows Australian Labradoodles 48. Crystal Kessler- Cry Woof 50. Enza Gesovski- Cavadoodled by Enza

Tiffanie Yea
Melissa Worrell

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